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For directional signage please contact the Work Order Desk at (831) 459-4444 or email wodesk@ucsc.edu stating: 1) you request directional signage 2) for: event name and date 3) to: parking lot or College entrance, (e.g. for Stevenson Event Center, "Please direct guests to Stevenson entrance."), 4) sign text: 17 characters w/spaces or less and 5) your recharge FOAPAL



Parking Lot Signage

Choose parking lot preferences from maps below. Signage including your event name/date/time will be posted at parking lot entrance(s) - available from 5:15pm weekdays and on weekends. Please note: Lot signage does not exclude vehicles with valid parking permits from parking in your preferred lots.

* click to enlarge map
Base of Campus
The Farm
Bay Tree/Hahn
Colleges 9/10/Hlth
Sci Hill



Rachel Carson / Oakes
Kresge College
Porter College

Using the maps above, please indicate the number of your preferred parking lot(s).

1st Lot 2nd Lot
3rd Lot 4th Lot


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VIP Space Reservation

VIP spaces are individual spaces reserved for your guest(s). The cost includes a "reserved" sign at each space, as well as a parking permit.
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Start Time End Time
Sell Permits Yes No * requires two attendants
(Visitor pays for permit.)
Issue Permits Yes No
(Department pays for permit; see Permit Purchases below.)
Traffic Direction Yes No


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Permit Purchases

If you will issue permits to attendees (by student attendants or your own staff), please indicate how many permits you think you will need.
Weekday A Permits
Weekday Remote Permits
Weekday Barn Theater Permits
Night/Weekend Permits





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Late Notification Fee

A late notification fee may be assessed if your request is received less than ten business days prior to the event.

$50 for new event requests received less than five days before an event
$32 for changes requested less than five days before an event that require substantial staff time

Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee will be assessed for event parking arrangements canceled less than ten business days prior to event.

Event Estimate Total

This estimate is based on the information you entered. Final costs may vary.

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Campus Calendar

There is no charge to enter your event on the Campus Events Calendar but you must have an account to do so. Please contact Carolyn Lagatutta (831-459-2495 or clagattu@ucsc.edu) to request an account.

To enter your event, go to the Campus Events Calendar Login .

Department Recharge

Those submitting events for information only do not need to provide billing information. All others must include recharge information or the event will not be processed.




Event Parking Contact

Deborah Braynt